SE Series Beam Robot

This range is specifically designed to operate along the length of the injection moulding machine for optimal use of factory space and increased operator safety levels.

This full servo robot is quick and accurate offering exceptional control on each axis for more complex moulding operations.

Standard features include:

• Down stroke options available - 700mm to 1200mm

• Standard software includes subroutines for stacking and positioning of parts, insert loading and parting board applications.

• 50 teach programmes with up to 400 steps in each

• Stack and array program enables up to 9 stack areas with individual stack formats and placement of parts in up to 100 points on the same surface.

• Insert program enables up to 9 different insertions from a single source point.

• 14 inputs / 14 outputs to connect to conveyors and any up or down stream automation.
Windows XP base DSP control system with USB port for easy uploading/ downloading of programmes

• Quick change End of Arm Tooling system as standard

• Reject signal detection

• Part and quality counters programed as standard

• Wrist rotation for reorientation of parts before placement

• Additional vacuum circuit and endless end of arm tooling options available

• Reject signal detection

• Pulse generator for accurate slow speed programming

• Option of either Euromap 12 or 67 interface

• Mitsubishi Servo motors for quick and accurate operation

Download Apex SE brochure Apex SE Series Robots are designed to operate along the length of the injection moulding machine