ST Series Sprue Pickers

The Apex ST Series is the iconic heavy weight all pneumatic classic mould shop robot – offering so much more than just being a sprue picker – such is the versatility of the ST Series that, whilst separating sprues from mouldings it is also possible, by utilising vacuum end of arm tooling and/or additional  grippers and/or an additional vacuum circuit, to separate family tool cavities.  For any installation but certainly for situations where head height is limited above the injection moulding machine, there is the telescopic arm version which also brings enhanced in/out times and greater end of arm stability. Hence, the ST Series is justifiably called a Radial Action Robot as it does so much more than a simple sprue picker.

Standard features include:

•  Vacuum circuit with basic End Arm Tooling kit to pick (suitable) mouldings as well as sprues.

• Wrist twist for easier release of sprues and/or parts.

* Separate speed controls for movements inside and outside the clamp area for short cycles and less wear.

• 10 Teach sequences can be easily created using the simple Apex step by step program via an easy to use controller with large LCD screen and one key per function

• Spare input and output for linking to up/down stream equipment e.g conveyor indexing

• Four independently programmable release positions for griped mouldings or sprue

• Reject part detection, cycle count facility and quality control program as standard

• Option of either Euromap 12 or 67 interface

Download Apex ST brochure The Apex ST Series is the classic sprue picker for injection moulding applications